Homeys 7001

Homeys 7001
Homeys 7001
Label : Homeys Records
Pistes : 2
Année : 2016
Pays : UK
Format : 7"
Classification : Dub / Ragga / Jungle
Artistes : Homeys / Marina P

Homeys & Marina P proudly present a brand new limited edition 7” Having formed their own "Homeys Records" label for the release of the LP "My Homeys" in 2013, they are back with two new digital reggae tracks on 45. As is her way, Marina, who originally comes from Italy, takes inspiration from the fluctuating world around her, painting a poetic vision of everyday life. Her lyrics softly unfurl on Jules Homeys' hard digital riddims, leading us into a wandering nocturnal journey of discovery. Both tracks perfectly combine reggae, poetry, hope and a digital melancholy. Perfect for any soundsystem or home hi fi!

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