Peace Off Ltd 12 CD

Peace Off Ltd 12 CD
Peace Off Ltd 12 CD
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Peace Off
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Breakcore / Unformated Break
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Continuing the PEACE OFF HURRY UP LIMITED SERIES , CARDOPUSHER, new stormer producer from Caracas (Venezuela) wins more awards than it’s possible to the mash up scene.Tight breaks, killer prod, floor carnage, ballistic ragga beats, and beastly basses, Luis Garban, new talent, delivers for his first official release, 15 solid traxXx (19 on the cd version), complimented to the full. With "Hippie Killers Don’t Mind Jah Conversations" , we enjoy skull-splitting demonic rastafaraias-fuck, mash up ragga hardcore at his maximum!!! 300 samples per seconds, each track seems ready to tear itself apart in pursuit of new ideas. This album rocks like a solid gold bastard. This is how mash up should be. Dirty and brutal to the 1000nth degree. Note: Including a Mothboy remix , a Cardopusher/ Rotator collaboration trax and a Krumble remix (just on the cd version).

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