MackiTek Records The Shop !

The shop : is originally a label, (vinyl production) MackiTek Records (still active) created in 2006 by Keja & Kan10. The internet shop was set up in 2007 in an artisanal way by Joky in total improvisation!

In 2013, Version 2 of the site, which has become one of the essential links in the alternative electronic network, still with Joky and taken over by Sky.

In 2021 2022, it's full upgrade! Arnaud joins the adventure and drives it all! We are talking about version 3 of the site you are browsing here and now. Big changes have been made at all levels. The site is now seo optimized and responsive for tablets, smartphones, android, mac, pc.

En 2023 , <23>


MackiTek Records is more than 100 Vinyls/Cds productions spread over different sub-labels:
Special Editions... Tribe Du Sud - 3672 - Chim'R - Plak 2 Trip - Aliens Frequencies - Dans Le Rouge - Babylon Feedback - etc.. ...
With a marked trend for the Mental Tribe, also moving on to other styles but always keeping the same spirit... Freetekno !