Caput Mortuum 02 Trsp Marbred LTD

Caput Mortuum 02 Trsp Marbred LTD
Label :
Caput Mortuum
Tracks :
Year :
Country :
Format :
2x12" Color
Categories :
Hardtek / Tribe / Mental
MackiTek / 3672 / Tribe Du Sud / Babylon
Artists :
Asteka Nahuatl
30ex Transp Marbred LTD
As'teka Nahuatl kick this second 2x12" Caput Mortuum
A mental achemy between tribe and tribe
The long B side let4s us hear a distant evocation of what may have been
Mental C side is not sea side, it's a kind of planetary transfer between light and darkness.
Records come with Caput Mortuum stikers

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