Violent Cases 24

Violent Cases 24
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Violent Cases
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Hardtek / Tribe / Mental
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Comes with POSTER and digi dowload code

his track is a kind of allegory, a trial to express the feeling of these weird times , the lockdown we live ,wich is as external as its internal...How the anxiety grow and how our internal vibe could be felt as empty as the streets around us while seeing nobody all day long.
This is the story of someone, at home.He feel the anxiety grow in him, and decide to go outside, but all the streets are empty,like himself. he walk and as he walk the anxiety continue to grow.Finally he find a building, unknowing if its a factory or what but its abandonned, ,he goes inside to explore, arrive in an indoor course, and see a door...being intrigued, he decide to open this door and to go down the stairs he have in front of him...The more he descend, the more the fear and anxiety grow, as he goes down inside his mental.Finally he arrive in the basement, and what he see is too rude for him, and so he decide to run and escape from this, from himslef.
he run run run, go upstaris, open the doors and arrive in the street, safe.And without any anxiety, because sometimes, to go face to face with our deepest dark side, let us put light on it, and so let us tame it.
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