Perc Trax 95

Perc Trax 95
Label :
Perc Trax
Tracks :
Year :
Country :
Format :
12" Color
Categories :
Techno / Hardtechno
Artists :
Ghost In The Machine
Ghost In The Machine make their long awaited return to Perc Trax with their first full release for the label since their debut album 'Breaking The Seal' was unleashed at the start of 2020. Since then they've released multiple EPs on their own Genosha Basic label, remixed Marc Acardipane, Dahryl and Torque and given their remix of Paula Temple the vinyl release it always deserved. As DJs they have toured Europe and South America, tearing down dance floors with their powerful kick driven sound. From small intimate clubs to huge festival stages their depth of musical knowledge and razor sharp mixing have made them the highlight of any line-up.

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