Go More Core 08

Go More Core 08
Label :
Go More Core
Tracks :
Year :
Country :
Format :
Categories :
Hardcore / Speedcore
Artists :
Art Is Anal
Fist of Fury
Armaguet Nad
Hotrebor open this EP with a superb Acidcore fly over the hard kick creating an hypnotik dimension The Untitled sometime does nowaday... but mostly reminding me nevertheless than XMF ! Art Is Anal keeps on scouting the A side with his bending kick, bassy alert call ! The flip open with Fist Of Fury and his skills of clearness opoosites to his solid kick, both aerian and tellurik.... The EP finishes with a speedcore Armaguet Nad furious neveous maker... This is the best Go More Core for sure one of the best prods from the SODOM family ! BIG !

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