Dosis Decibel 14

Dosis Decibel 14
Label :
Dosis Decibel
Tracks :
Year :
Country :
Format :
Categories :
Hardtek / Tribe / Mental / FreeTekno
Hardcore / Speedcore
Dub / Ragga / Jungle
Artists :
Sam C
once again Sam C brings pleasure and skillz.

A side gives a slamming banger mental acid screwdriver for an Under The Radar special downyard sound system...
Electric Flow goes regular, stable and unstoppable psychedelic flow...
Madmatik is invited on the B1 for a trancy bath of acid-tribe. The kick is a pearl here. Sweet.
Eternal, is the style of Dosis Decibal for the Sam C last tune : this super melt of Jungle, Dub, and tekno... The Stepper tune we all love on DOSIS DECIBAL ! B2 rules !!!

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