Caput Mortuum 03 Trsp Marbred LTD

Caput Mortuum 03 Trsp Marbred LTD
Label :
Caput Mortuum
Pistes :
Année :
Pays :
Format :
Classification :
Hardtek / Tribe / Mental / FreeTekno
Hardcore / Speedcore
MackiTek / 3672 / Tribe Du Sud / Babylon
Artistes :
Vincent Vega
30ex Transp Marbred LTD
This is the third Caput Mortuum with Lapie
Everything is in one, always on the sensitive border between the tribe and the hardcore.
A nice residu23 where everything is still to extract.
2 long sides of 15 minutes each
The Caput Mortuum is not there to please but to make dances the bowels of the earth.
Records come with Caput Mortuum stikers

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