Sodom 25

Sodom 25
Label : Slaves Of Devil Our Master
Pistes : 4
Année : 2021
Pays : FR
Format : 12"
Classification : Hardcore / Speedcore
Artistes : Oraj / Desolation

Les Envahisseurs :)

ORAJ opens with a 235 industrial workshop ^^ Banger dj friendly speedcore !
then A2 comes with a 230 BPM Honkey Tonk piano storytelling totally going wrong up to 460 BPM !!

The flip, brings speedcore industrial shouters. first with a 315 BPM kicker, very precise, Reverbless kicks and ndustrial shouts threatening a respectefull digital voicechords
Records ends up with THE track : a the Persuaders (les Envahisseurs donc) remix for the finish ! Reasonable 245 BPM. Quiet funky speed ^^
Once again

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