High Frequency HS 02 RP

High Frequency HS 02 RP
High Frequency HS 02 RP
Label :
XP Digiflex
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Techno / Hardtechno
Artistes :
High Frequency
The repress of the so famour tune from High Frequency... BEarly techno DJ in France (1992), who produced sqome records with International Records in Lyon (Ellipsis)... That we distributed in 1998/2000 (Discogs place it in 2000 but was more a 1999 record if i remember).

At that time that was quiet a surprise to get this EP (helmas was pressed in GZ Media with a poor cut)... In 2008, XP Digiflex gang decided to repress it with a big better cut : ENJOY this overground peral witch fall in the underground !

French Touch Electro Techno. Represses of 2 tunes from Ellypsis 01, and Ping Pong an unrealesed track.

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