Golden Ratio 01

Golden Ratio 01
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Golden Ratio
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Hardtek / Tribe / Mental / FreeTekno
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First release of this label featuring GEHLEKTEK, POZEK and SPK

A1 GRUNTLER from Gehlektek with a long 9 minutes track at 45rpm, mega bomb at 150 bpm!Super HQ sound, stompy kick, melodic themes and delicious ear candy. Proper crowd control tool!

B1 MR.KUBICHEK is a track from the super talented POZEK 33rpm this side with a very easy but super effective acid core tune at 150 bpm! Clean mix and driving atmosphere with a very important kick! The track was composed to support the victims of Redon party in 2021, parts of the revenues will go to the crews involved in that party. Massive support to POZEK for this pearl track!

B2 WE ARE THE RESISTANCE is a driving nu school tribecore banger! It starts with a long monologue with a very well done crescendo bringing to a massive sentimental and impressing drop. Synths arrangements drive you dancing crazy with a very persistent, solid distorted kick. 165 bpm. Amazing production from the notoriously skilled SPK.

Master from the very talented producer and Master engineer 1NC1N.

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