Acid Cheese 03 RP

Acid Cheese 03 RP
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Acid Cheese
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Hardtek / Tribe / Mental / FreeTekno
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The remastered and repress Acid Cheese 03 !!

"I hated this record by the time it came out, when Jeff told me that due to confusion at the pressing plant they had pressed 1000 copies instead of 500 I was most upset, but of course it was a hit.

I disliked it so much that I actually recorded over the original master dat when we were parked in Portugal, sourcing dat tapes on the road was often tricky if we were parked in remote places and some of the tracks we find here are taken from the original vinyl.

I don’t know why I disliked it so much, but I remember I felt embarrassed about the snoring song, I had thought that a sample of a snore would sound like a Bassline, but I think we can all understand that it doesn’t. The recording was not actually anyone I knew, but sampled from a dub record."

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