Alpha And Omega LP 2023

Alpha And Omega LP 2023
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Dub / Ragga / Jungle
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Dub Judah
Alpha & Omega the groundbreaking pioneers of UK Dub, emerged in the 1980s and have amassed an impressive catalogue of over 40 studio albums. Their influential presence signifies the very essence of soundsystem culture and the global migration of bass music from its Jamaican roots to the UK and beyond. After more than three decades, Steppas Records has finally unveiled the highly anticipated A&O classic LP reissue series. The latest addition to this remarkable collection is none other than 'Almighty Jah,' a cherished and elusive gem originally released in 1992 and currently commanding exorbitant prices, if obtainable at all! Meticulously re-mastered with utmost care, this exceptional album, featuring the incomparable Dub Judah, is presented in its original sleeve adorned with the iconic A&O artwork. 'Almighty Jah' holds a revered status as one of the definitive UK dub albums and stands as a true testament to musical history.

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