Dans Le Rouge 06

Dans Le Rouge 06
Dans Le Rouge 06
Label : Dans Le Rouge
Pistes : 3
Année : 2009
Pays : FR
Format : 12"
Classification : Tribecore / Hardfloor / MackiTek / 3672*1 / ChimR / Babylon...
Artistes : keja / Neya

A side brings out 2 excellent dancefloor tunes... That's already something. But B Side really gives something that non records does : The Keja long track is a loud (good) surprise. A crazy Tribecore confusion, beginning on a very long countadown introduction, and developping a weird Hardcore rhythm. But the kick is not like very massive: it's backwards... A song about how it is when you are in the middle of the technival and that all Sound System's music melt alltogether and create a special Track. Just for you and where you are... Lost.

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