MackiTek Hors Serie 08

MackiTek Hors Serie 08
MackiTek Hors Serie 08
Label :
MackiTek Records
Tracks :
Year :
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MackiTek / 3672 / Tribe Du Sud / Babylon
Acid Techno / Acid Core
Artists :
Bomb !!!
The first 'Acid Dfonce' track by Keja & Kan10 is really fat mental dark acid tekno !
Second side by Tommers is a good tribe acid whith some mental phase !
The full ep is in a perfect atmospher, you can take & play this record !
A must have for sure !

++ Little break surprise of Keja and Kan10 ;)

Acid Dfonce is a brilliant 150 BPM Acid hardtechno, bringing a loud raving kick and a good acid melody. The Gab Widens V1 is a bloody experimental track... dark and mental. Tommers side gives one 140 BPM acid mental tehcno, and his Multi Fiber Baloons is a 160 BPM acid banger... All in one we got here 4 superb not-too-speed acid techn otune, with a solid tribe feeling hidden behind. Superb EP !

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