Bending Night Acid Brain

Bending Night Acid Brain
Label : Acid Night
Pistes : 3
Année : 2019
Pays : FR
Format : 12"
Classification : Hardtek / Tribe / Mental / Acid Techno / Acid Core
Artistes : About Blank

AboutBlank produces here 3 magestic tunes...

Super positive state of mind style, not too happy through but really sunny and full of energy, with a repetitive serial music acid melody on the Cosmicology A side 45 RPM killer 180BPM harfloor track.

The flip open on a regular 160 BPM heavy kicker, trippy mental acid-pikes-of-ice more classic but bloody efficient...

Last track (same speed as A1) is a serious hard-kicker too... at the hardcore frontier with a crazy melody coming in, reminding the old school 90's transecore best-of...

This record was produced both by Brain Bending and Acid Night.

Visual by X.G.

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