Acid Night 39

Acid Night 39
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Acid Night
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Hardtek / Tribe / Mental / FreeTekno
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To step out from trival sounds.
Jo IND strikes here again !

A side brinsg a quiet sweet tune, strings is the thema... With a veryu nice Josh Winks acid style for the start, meeting the cello effect... Sweet musical crazyness... with tonality variations and harmony richness... Acid as a musical instrument.

take your time and enter the universe of these 2 superb tunes : we splitted the listening of B side in two so you can hear this superb intro... Defenitly feeling the space in full with a 1m30 intro... before kicking in a mystical way...
The label visual of B side is an fatastic vision of someone falling ? flying ? in front of a soundwall ???
totally in the state of mind of this crazey tune...

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