MackiTek Records 37

MackiTek Records 37
MackiTek Records 37
Label : MackiTek Records
Pistes : 3
Année : 2020
Pays : FR
Format : 12"
Classification : Hardtek / Tribe / Mental / MackiTek / 3672*1 / ChimR / Babylon...
Artistes : Vincent Vega

Ok, Vincent is back on this MackiTek Records 37 !
Pure oldschool mental tribe, very FKi-DSPien influenced.
Everything is under control, all the machines, there is no room for chance, everything is very well framed, controlled.
A musical outlet beyond the constraints of time and space of our modern society.
A way to exteriorize everything that destroys the passion to create, to create is life.
Don't be afraid of the future, let life go ...
"La face A est gravé en 45"
"le disque arrive avec un poster & stikers"
300ex LTD

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